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My history and why I started Altitude Pet Supplies

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Brooke and I found inspiration to start this business by shopping for my pup. His name is Enzo, and he has quite the personality! We are currently in Montana but our home-base is in Minnesota. I have been looking for months for the perfect products for Enzo. Ones that he won't chew and ones that would grow with him. I wanted products that were eco-centered and that had the consumer in mind. I could not find products that both Enzo and I loved so I decided to start designing leashes and collars for myself. I loved what I came up with. 

I want to share with you these wonderful products in hopes that you and your furry friend will love them too! 

Enzo is a miniature Australian Shepherd that works as my service dog. He goes into stores, restaurants, and anywhere else I need him. I did not get him until he was 6 months old from a puppy-mill breeding facility. This made it much harder to train him; we went through many collars, leashes, toys, and of course, treats! Now, he is 3 years old. Looking back, it is sad how much waste went into raising a puppy even though I tried my hardest to reuse everything and buy eco-centered products. 

Every puppy is different and sometimes the standard does not work for them. This is why I have this product line. I want to give you the opportunity to raise and support your loved pet the best you can. You know them best!


What it means to be plastic neutral

We try our absolute best to provide and make the products you deserve that are biodegradable or reusable. However, there are some that are not available plastic free. In order to fight this, we have pledged to be plastic neutral. This means that every piece of plastic we use in our products, we pick up at least the same amount from our lands and recycle it.

Happy Pup
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